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                The Wuxi New Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

                Wuxi, a new Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 
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                Management of plating solution for electroplating equipment

                Electroplating equipment manufacturers for electronic plating, due to the high requirements of plating, the management of plating solution is also very important. Because the resistance of wire plating is much higher than that of conventional plating, it usually works under higher current density, sometimes as high as 300A / DM2. At this time, the bath temperature rises very fast, the main salt metal ion consumption is also very fast, and the bath is required to have a large capacity for immediate cooling and replenishment. However, due to the limitation of process layout, the capacity of working bath is often limited, in order to solve this problem In addition, a circulating filter tank connected to the working tank with a volume 2-5 times larger than that of the working tank can be set up, equipped with a filter, and equipped with a heat exchange device if necessary. Some electroplating plants without heat exchanger can seal ice in plastic bags or plastic buckets and put it in the circulating tank To solve the urgent problem.